The real itinerary

August 11 to August 16 New York City

August 17 to August  24   Ireland

August 24   to   August  28    Scotland

August 28    to    Sept 4      England

Sept 4   to  Sept 11 North West of France(Normandy), Paris, Belgium (Bruxel), Netherlands (Amsterdam)

Sept 12  to  Sept 18 Switzerland

Sept 19 to Sept 25 Germany

Sept 26 to Sept 30 Italy

Oct 1 to Oct 2 French Riviera

Oct 3 to Oct 10 Denia, Spain (Close to Alicante)

Oct 11 to Oct 12 Barcelona, Spain

Oct 13 to Oct 17 Andorra

Oct 17 to Oct 21 Athens Greece

Oct 21 to Oct 31 Mediterranean Cruise (visited Nauplion, Olympia, Alexandia (Cairo) Egypt, Crete,  Santorini, Mykonos and then disembark in Izmir, Turkey

Oct 31 to Nov 7 Turkey (Izmir and Istanbul)

Nov 7 to Nov 14 Dubai,  New Arab Emirates

Nov 14 to Nov 15 Kenya

Nov 15 to Dec 3 Tanzania

Dec 4 to Dec 5  Kenya

Dec 6 to Dec 20 South of India

Dec 21 to Jan 25 Australia

Jan 25 to Feb 13 New Zealand

Feb 13 to Feb 23 Fiji Islands

Feb 24 to  Mar 1 Back to Australia in Cains

Mar 1 to Mar 6 Puket Thailand

Mar 6 to Mar 13 Bankok and Golden Triangle ( Thailand, Laos and Burma)

Mar 13 to April 4 Vietnam (South to North)

April 5 to April 12 Hong Kong

April 13 to Apr 27 Hawaii (Waikiki)

April 28 to May 15 (Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna)

May 16  Back to Regina Saskatchewan

30 countries we visited and 5 continents



3 responses to “The real itinerary

  1. Tell us if you saw any Hummpapa bars or beer gardens in Germany. It would be a little difficult to do the bar scene with children. Check the embroidery on tablecloths, mantel covers etc…..There is a lot of finesse in the German culture.


  2. Living the dream..proud of you!


  3. Your Sister/Aunt

    wish we could meet you in fijii. Paradise!
    We are in mild weather here in Kelowna, no snow, but still not warm enough for a bathing suit. Have a wonderful time! We miss you all so much.


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