Itinerary before we left

Dates                                         Destination

Aug 11 – Aug 16                        New York City

Aug 17 – Aug 21                        Ireland

Aug 21 – Aug 26                       Scotland

Aug 26 – Aug 31                       England

Sept 1 – Sept 4                          North of France

Sept 5 – Sept 8                         Belgium

Sept 9 – Sept 12                        Netherlands

Sept 13 – Sept 15                      North of Germany – Berlin

Sept 16 – Sept 19                      Poland

Sept 19 – Sept 26                     South of Germany – Munich

Sept 26 – Oct 3                         Italy

Oct 3 – Oct 10                           Spain and Portugal

Oct 10 – Oct 17                          Andorra, South of France and Paris

Oct 17 – Oct 21                           Athens, Greece

Oct 21 – Nov 1                            Greek Islands, Egypt, Istanbul/Turkey

Nov 2 – Nov 6                            Turkey

Nov 7 – Nov 13                          Dubai, Emirates

Nov 14 – Dec 5                           Kenya and Tanzania

Dec 6 – Dec 19                            Southern tip of India – Kochi/Chennai

Dec 20 – Jan 29                         Australia

Jan 30 – Feb 12                          New Zealand

Feb 13 – Feb 19                           Indonesia – Bali

Feb 20 – Feb 27                          Indonesia – Borneo

Feb 27 – Mar 5                           Malaysia – Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Mar 6 – Mar 12                         Tailand – Phuket

Mar 13 – Mar 26                        Tailand – Bangkok

Mar 27 – Apr 2                            Laos

Apr 3 – Apr 9                              Vietnam

Apr 10 – Apr 16                          Philippines

Apr 17 – Apr 19                          Hong Kong

Apr 20 – May 7                          China

May 8 – May 14                          South Korea

May 15 – May 21                         Japan

May 22 – June 18                       Hawaii

June 19 – June 30                      Travel back home by car through the United States


9 responses to “Itinerary before we left

  1. Janette Focht

    omg are you sure you couldn’t squeeze a few more places in. Safe travels to you all and I will be following you on your travels. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Keep safe,


    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Hi Janette,

      Thanks for the nice wishes. Yes, do keep in touch, I am sure we will feel homesick at times. It will be nice to hear from friends.



  2. Tina and Hayley

    Hey guys, I can’t believe that you are about leave NYC and are off to Dublin~! Have a pint of Guinness or two for me and Hayley will just have a lemonade! You will be happy to know the weather is rainy and not that nice but oh well, what can you do! Talk to you soon and take care.


  3. Eileen & Fred Dempsey

    Good luck in your travels and bring me back a Koala Bear ! We’ll be watching your blog from Vernon, B.C. Stay Safe.

    Take Care
    Love Auntie Eileen & Uncle Fred


  4. Ruth and Dan in Victoria

    Having done a bit of travelling ourselves, we are envious to re-experience some of the fabulous sights and sounds that await you. This is such a special journey for your family. You will all be better for it and oh, the memories to have and share with friends and family. We look forward to hearing your updates. Hugs and smiles to all of you.


  5. Hey Darren,

    Sorry we missed you guys when you were in Ireland. Would have loved to share a pint or two. 🙂

    Wishing you all a safe and amazing journey. It sounds like you are already.

    Looking forward to tracking your progress.

    Take care,



  6. Just finished reading your recent blogs…sounds like you are having a blast!!! We just got back from Disneyworld and had a hoot there also. Weather is mild here and the snow is melting quickly! Spring is on it’s way….take care all of you and look forward to your next write-up!


  7. Hello!! I am totally amazed at your action-packed agenda…the photos are awesome! Can you even imagine going back to work??? Enjoy…every minute!!


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