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We are a family of 4, Darren, Lyane, Jessica and Drew.  We live in the vast Prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada and absolutely  love living here, however, we are just a little curious to see what’s out there in this big world of ours.  So we started saving money about 4 years ago through a program that Lyane’s work offers (The deferred salary payment program).  Without this program, we are 100% sure that this trip would not take place, as we like to spend $$$  a little too much.  This trip around the world is definitely Lyane’s idea and dream, but she has such a supportive family that they all decided to help her realized her dream.


23 responses to “About Us

  1. …..and what a dream it will be for you all

  2. Hi gang!
    Elsie came by bus to help me on Tuesday. Your house now looks fit for a magazine. I left at 2:30 on Wedn. went shopping for a lounge chair and found one at Jisk.The old one that was in my yard broke and I fell on my ass. No damage done to myself. That’s when fat comes in handy. Hope you are enjoying New York to the fullest.
    Grand maman xoxoxo

    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Thanks mom for all of your help, I left home knowing that the house would be left to your standards which is perfect. New York was amazing and exhausting at the same time. We had no down time. It was like the amazing race!! We will phone you this week, when we are out of Dublin. Love ya Lyane

  3. Lyane, I hope NY was up to expectations. Your house was picture perfect when I left. Elsie helped me on the first day.
    Luv ya’all. Maman

  4. Have a nice trip, and take care. We will follow your adventures.

    Patrick , Anne-Marie and Jeremie

  5. Have an amazing time…savour it. The year will fly by so enjoy everyday to the max… I am so happy for you!

  6. Michelle Schwartz

    Hello McClelland family
    Finally connected with your blog – you must be busy seeing the sights! Hope you are healthy, safe and enjoying the fruits of your labor! Life in SK/B-Say-Tah continues on as normal – keep posted on your blog so we can live vicariously through you! Take care and safe journey!

  7. Wish you well and hoping you are having loads and loads of fun.

  8. After a couple of phone calls, here is some info.
    click on 18th on Aug calendar to get the New York and Ireland stories.By the same token,try to get the shameful story out of the great travellers. yeeek!

  9. Melinda Dan Teah Chloe Brittany and Dylan

    Enjoy your trip and keep us all posted. Remember we are all there in spirit.

  10. Hey Lyane,
    Have a great big beer for me and learn to swear like the Irish. For Scotland, change “beer” in the former sentence to “Oatmeal”.

    Ringo’s papa

  11. Hi Jess and Drew
    Happy to know that you are away fr the Loch Ness Monster. I knew you were in good hands with your dad in his shining armour. Hope London is not too wet

  12. Looks like you guys are having a blast!! Ireland looks amazing.

  13. sue geoff lewis and brent

    hi hope everythings going well we are thinking of you all now we are back home dubai was great heaps to see and do if you want any info or help please email see you in oz soon sue

  14. amanda schreiner

    My cousin met you this week in Africa – she was about to climb kilamanjaro – she’s currently doing the climb now. She told us about you guys in a quick email when she said she met some amazing people on her journey.

    I am so interested in your adventure – and that you did it by saving, and have a family.

    Can you tell me – realistically – about how much for the year to do what you’re doing?
    ball park range?
    i would love to take a similar adventure in the future!!!

  15. Today Dec 7th, I r’cvd e-mail. They are now in India. Still difficult to get internet. Keep posted.

  16. Thought of you guys today and luckily enough there was an update!!! Sounds like India was very interesting. I am taking the blog to work as I taught about the Caste System this semester after teaching Slumdog Millionaire…can’t wait to share the info with the kids!!!
    Have fun in Australia!

  17. Deaqr Mclelland – Loved hearing about your Bondi adventures – kids learning to surf etc. I’m the producer of Bondi Rescue so got a message on Google Alert. Enjoy hearing visitors fresh perspectives of the beach.

    All the best.

  18. Rhys and Leslie

    We love all your pictures and colourful narrative. We hope your travels will include our place on your way back home – you’re all very welcome anytime!

  19. Today, April 23 2010 saw the firstday I visited your Blog.

    I am glad things are well and know now that you have made a great life choice doing what you did to get you on this trip.

    There could not possibly be a better life experience for you and your family

  20. Hey Lyane,
    Looks like things are going well. Bernadette is trying to get a hold of you to tell you her placement. Can you send her an email?

  21. I just thought about Cari’s message. Maybe we will be working together next year Lyane!! I am home in Regina now, waiting for Spring. The winter in Europe was the coldest in recent memory…but I had a great time in the fall and decided to go back after Christmas. No regrets!! I must say it feels good to sleep in your own bed though….I am now sniffing around for a few cheap flights to entertain myself during the last few months of freedom!! I am really happy I discovered your blog!!

  22. Nice blog post and Thanks for sharing

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