Hello Dubai, Goodbye Dubai

Wow ! What a culture shock. There is no place like Dubai. I don’t even know where to start. Flat sandy desert, extravagant buildings, including the tallest building in the world that has been just being completed. 26 cranes downtown building massive office and hotel towers. Enormous shopping malls with indoor ski hills, hockey rink, aquariums and the largest candy and toy stores in the world. There are five lane modern double highways leading to places like the giant Burj Al Arab sail shape hotel followed by the new Atlantis of the Palm Hotel on the man made Jumeirah Palm Island. The island is made up of 17 palms which we were very happy with since 17 is known to be our families lucky number. Nice white sand beaches with warm Arabian ocean water. Rich people everywhere from all walks of life and Arabs with countless wives. “poor buggers”. But strangely over the course of a week, we realized that Dubai lacks culture and made us feel empty inside. One thing that contributes to Dubai’s lack of culture is that the majority of people are not from Dubai and are simply working there from other countries just working in Dubai to make a living. It is a weird, weird place. One thing we discovered is that it is not as expensive as people think. We found the shopping, eating and entertainment to be quite reasonable compared to most European countries. In fact Jessica and Drew cracked open their wallets and purchased big ticket items for the first time on the trip. Jess bought an Ipod and Drew bought a skate board that he plans to carry for the remainder of the trip. Good luck with that Drew. Our accommodations were a little pricey, but it was brand new and had a full kitchen with a separate master bedroom. The highlight was definitely the indoor skiing at the Emerites Shopping Mall. It was 35 C outside and -5 C at the ski hill. The kids really enjoyed it and skied from the beginning right until closing. Lyane and I quite after about two hours, because…… are you ready…. we were too cold!  How embarrassing !  So the next day it was back to the beach with hot sun, warm sand and bath temperature ocean waters. Good Bye Dubai !


6 responses to “Hello Dubai, Goodbye Dubai

  1. Good job you have seen Dubai. Things are not going well for them right now. The only ones capable of bailing them out is Saudi Arabia. If they don’t… the economy of the world will be suffering. I will be meeting you in Sydney in one month and I cannot wait to spend time travelling with you. I hope you will at least check the Tree House Dorm in Fiji where I will spend the last 33 days after you guys leave for your next destination. I can just imagine how many stories I will hear from the backpackers in this dorm. If there is a Tsunami, it won’t hurt for long; My dorm is so close to the Ocean that it would be swipe by the first wave. LOL Luv


  2. Shirley Higgins

    Salut Lyane et toute la famille. Je suis présentement avec Gabriel et Dominique, Gabriel m’a donné ton site. Je suis contente pour vous. Vivre une aventure exceptionnelle. Je vais vous suivre dans votre parcours. Gros bisous à toute la famille. x0x0x0


  3. Hello McClellands

    I giggled out loud when I read that you were too cold in -5. It was a balmy -42 with the wind here this morning!
    Keep the updates coming as we love to live vicariously through your trip.
    We are off to Meadow Lake to snowmobile for a few days and then home to watch the World Juniors for the rest of the break.
    Merry Christmas from the Cobbs!!


  4. Hi guys! Boy, it’s been awhile since I have read your travels. Everytime I drive down Arcola close to your house I think of you and the adventures you are having. Still amazing!

    I’m sure you miss the Saskatchewan cold; it’s been pretty darn cold this week.

    Hockey is pretty busy, and I’m trying to get ready for Christmas. Haven’t gotten any shopping done yet.

    Must run… keep safe!!!



  5. Too cold eh? LOL

    Awesome article guys.

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourselves. Take care and enjoy the -5’s … it will help you appreciate the -25’s back home.

    Take care.


  6. Hi guys, we hope to catch up with you in New Zealand in January. We have an itenerary we are trying to follow to make the most of our 24 days there. I think we’ll be a few hours away from Auckland when you land so I hope you are renting a van and willing to catch up. Maybe you can show me how to drive on the wrong side of the road. LOL

    The Carpenters
    Stony Plain, AB


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