Picture uploaded for Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Andorra and Athens Greece

We finally got our pictures uploaded on our blog. They are organized in each country visited, but not in time line order. This picture upload has turned out to be a huge job !

Enjoy ! Check out the mountain sheep in Switzerland, the beers in Germany Oktoberfest, the sites of Italy, the beaches of Spain, the mountains of Andorra and the ruins of Athens.

Comments of Andorra and Athens to follow.


6 responses to “Picture uploaded for Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Andorra and Athens Greece

  1. Hi all, I love reading your blog and it makes me so jealous of all the wonderful things you are doing and seeing. Hope you are still enjoying yourselves…soon be Christmas Lyane, I hope you are still collecting your tree decorations xxxx


  2. Hi guys! Wow what a fantastic blog! I haven’t read all of them as yet, but I plan on it. My life for the last while has been rather boring compared to yours. Lyane, I guess I won’t see you when I go back to Regina in a few weeks…..You all have a fantastic time and I look forward to browsing through the blogs and photos. Take care.


  3. Hi Guys,

    It is so wonderful to see your pictures. Now I can see your lovely faces. When I see your pictures, I feel you are not so far away even though you are.

    You look like you are having the time of your life.

    Know that you are always in my heart,thoughts and prayers.

    Love ya

    Love Sam


  4. Hi to the 4 of u!

    This is incredible, I honestly can say… you guys are exactly doing what most of us wish for but the big difference is the McClelland did something about it. Congratulation!


  5. Lyane I received your email and of course your blog, great job by the way! In response to your question about Australia I will not go. I will be in Roatan for 3 months and preparing things for the future. I will be a regular from now on on this blog and I will keep track of the McClelland’s whereabouts and maybe show up unsuspectingly. Keep up the dream and Sonia says Hi to all of you as well.

    Your big bro.


  6. danny and roberta

    We have been reading about your adventure, and are look forward to hearing what you think of Africa. We made it home okay but it took us 3 hours to find our hotel in Alicate. It is a massive city with millions of people. We have recupperated from our jet lag and looking forward to the holidays. Be safe and keep us informed.


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