France/Belgium/Holland/ Switzerland in 5 days !

Well we got out of Paris and headed to a incredible castle called St Michelle in eastern France. This thing is amazing as it was built on a huge rock formation at the end of a peninsula in the 10th century. The castle is only accessable when the tide is out, then the tide comes in and surrounds it with ocean.

Then it was off to the Beaches of Normandy to visit  Juno beach . We took an official tour with a guide explaining what happened on Juno Beach in 1944. Then into the museum and on to the Canadian memorial grave site. It was very educational and I was extremely proud of the kids as they listened with respect and were obviously moved by the whole experience.

Then we drove to Brussels Belgium to taste some chocolate. We toured a chocolate museum there and learned about the history of chocolate. We learned that chocolate is derived from a type of  fruit tree. Drew was happy to here that and has as now added chocolate to his fruit and vegetable quota.

We then drove to Amsterdam and did some window shopping, but did not buy or rent anything or anyone. The Red Light District is right downtown and attracts tourists as well as clients, so fortunately, we did not feel too out of place. Funny thing is, when you point your camera , everyone ducks ! It’s like pionting a gun for god sake ! Jess made a few comments about the streets, but Drew reserved comment and I think he is still processing the experience. FYI: the girls for hire are not naked, however  I didn’t see any sweaters or pants on them either.

We drove the same day and re-entered western France and Lyane celebrated here birthday there in a fancy restaurant. I think she was happy to celebrate in France. It was an early night then up early to drive to Switzerland. I would like to take this time to comment on highway driving in Europe. It is fast and furious and requires all your attention. It’s not extemely difficult, but it is intense ! Our GPS is incredible, I  wouldn’t drive here without one.

We then arrived yesterday in Switzerland with our fateful GPS and begin to wind our way up a 1900 ft mountain to begin our first week stay with our RCI/ Elkhorn vacation. 30 minutes later of white knuckle driving,  we arrive at our hotel a 1000 ft up a mountain.  Wow what a view. We woke up this morning and it was pretty cloudy out. We opened the windows and the clouds rolled right into our room.  Now that’s high ! The vineyards are all over here and the language is predominantly french. We visited one today and meet a really nice lady who has run her wine business for 34 years. Yes she feed us lots of wine, but she took the time to educate us on the growing process of grapes and gave us a big bunch of them to eat. It is great to be in Switzerland at harvest time ! The blog report is longer because we are simply relaxing in our resort for a week with little touring or driving. Pictures tomorrow for sure !


7 responses to “France/Belgium/Holland/ Switzerland in 5 days !

  1. Great description Darren. I cannot wait to read Jess and Drew’s comments on Amsterdam after processing is complete. They are quite interesting those two.


  2. Bonjour!

    Glad to hear that the McClelland family is having such a great journey. Tell Lyane that the staff at Connaught thinks of her often. I have placed your blog address on our school webpage, so the school can track your progress throughout the year.

    Looking forward to your next update.


  3. Belated Happy Birthday Lyane.

    I am so happy to hear you were in France for your birthday. My favourite place for food and of course other things.

    Tony arrived with the first round of boxes. My place is in chaos. He flys back to Regina today to drive back my Dad’s sable,which he bought. Then more boxes arrive.

    I am thrilled that your adventure is going well and Drew has discovered that chocolate is a fruit. Good for all of us.

    You are in our hearts and thoughts.

    Love Sam and Tony


    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Hi Sam,

      Thanks for the birthday wish. Yes, I spent my birthday in France and we had a really nice family supper in Strasbourg in this really typical French restaurant. So far the trip is going well and we don’t miss home as of yet. So much to do and so much to see. I hope everything is going well with all of you. How are your parents? Are they adjusting to the idea that their Regina house is sold. Remember stay healthy!!


      Lyane & family

      Hugs to both you and Tony


  4. Bonjour, McClellands!
    Wow! You sure are seeing everything. I hope all is well, everyone healthy and all.

    We are having a beautiful summer NOW in September. We are busy with hockey already.

    Take care!!


  5. Hi Madame,

    Happy Birthday. This year is pretty good, but Madame Speers is sick right now.

    Take care,
    Levi Miki (and Angela)


  6. Didnt know it was your birthday Lyane, belated wishes, hope you are all well
    Love to you all, Alison xxxx


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