UK update

Today is our first day in England. We completed our tour of Ireland and Scotland. Ireland is indeed as beautiful and as green as they say. We rented a car, headed south and visited, amazing historical sites such as Killkenny and Blarney Castles, The Cliffs of Moher, and a very cool 1792 jail. We all kissed the Blarney Stone and really enjoyed the experience. They lay you down on your back, lean you over the edge at the top of the castle, and you kiss the stone upsidedown. It’s quite un-nerving ! Speaking of un-nerving the driving was fricken difficult. The rural roads are very narrow with huge tour buses coming at you and the city round abouts (circle drives ) are nerve racking and confusing. but we made it.

Scotland was a quick visit, but was pretty cool. We toured Glasgow one day and Edinburgh for two days. We had a Scotish beer in the oldest operating pub (1756)  in Glasgow and  attended a huge festival in Edinburgh and enjoyed professional street  performers. We bought tickets off a scalper to the sold out Edinburgh Castle Tattoo ceremony which included military band preformances from around the world ending with a single bag pipe player, playing alone on the top of the castle wall. It was quite moving as they rolled the names of all the lost Scotish soldiers against the castle wall.

Then we headed to the Scotish north to search for the Loch Ness Monster. Beautiful country and scenery, but no sign of the great legendary creature.

You could spend a year in each country looking at stuff, but we keep on truckin. We have done allot, but still have not uploaded pictures. This week for sure. Busy, busy, busy. Next England.

Bye for now


11 responses to “UK update

  1. I hear the Loch Ness Monster might be touring Europe right now; he might be having a beer with the Boogie Man from Canada. Watch for it.


  2. Hey guys,

    Sounds like your having a great time. If time permits stop for a spot of tea in Hyde Park to take in the scenery and enjoy the soap box antics…it’s hilarious. All sorts come out to take center stage.


  3. just read about ireland & scotland sure wish we were there envy you guys sounds like your having a lot of fun .


  4. School started here. Not sure if you miss it yet! And for Jason, hockey camp started this weekend.

    Waiting patiently for some pictures! Take care!! Say hi to the Queen!


  5. Good to hear from you guys again. Any pictures coming soon? Take care!


    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Hi guys,

      Yes, we now have a few days in England where we will have some down time and we will post some pictures then. Tomorrow we are off to the doctor with Drew, since we left NYC he has hives that comes and goes every couple of days. We have no idea what it might be, so hopefully we will get some answers tomorrow. I am presuming everything has started, school, hockey school, track, etc…Busy I guess already! How was the Boys Eastern trip? I am sure they had a great time. Big hugs to all of you

      Lyane, Darren, Jessica and Drew


  6. Hi Guys,

    It sounds like you are having a BLAST. I love the NY story with the bags.

    I am back in Vancouver with my folks and the house is sold. Tony will drive back on Friday.

    We talk about you often and wonder how the adventure is going. Now I can keep up with you.

    My email will send back message –gone for the summer. I need my techy guy to fix this,but I am here.

    We love you.

    LOve Sam

    p.s. What are you eating. How is the food?


    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Hi girl,

      Yes, we are having a lot of educational fun. It’s fun and very tiring! We already have spent all the money we thought would take us until November. I guess our line of credit will be much higher than we expected. Anyway we are not paying attention to this right now, as it may be the last time we visit these places. How are you and your parents? are you hanging in there? Remember stay healthy because you won’t be much good too them, if you get sick.

      hugs to both you and Tony.

      Lyane & Darren


  7. Hey Darren and fun family,
    Sounds like you’re having a blast and I know most of us are kicking ourselves for not doing the same thing. That means your the pioneer and paving the way for us. And we want to hear stories. Wish you guys all the best in England. Oh, by the way, when you’re there, say hi to my friend Ringo – that’s Ringo Starr on Penny Lane. Tell him it’s from the Manitoba Mennonite with the Golden Smile.

    talk to you later


  8. Hello,
    Am looking at your pictures now ,having a great time it make me tired just to fllow you on the trip but really fun Continue having fun in your journee Hope Drew will be ok
    Love Yvonne and Teddy


  9. Colin+Dionne Melrose

    Dionne helped me get to this blog. It is awesome, and Darren, quit worring about money! Hey Jessica, if you ask nicely, your Dad can’t say no…Ha! Spend! Spend! Spend!

    Did you get a chance to see where William Wallace lived? Freeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddoooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!


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