First Communication !

Hello everyone.

Right now I am sitting in a Hostel in Dublin Ireland at 6AM listening to a bunch of drunk Russians yell and scream in the hostel lobby. Some of them are watching South Park in English laughing their heads off, so it is a little hard to concentrate!

The trip started in New York for 6 days and was a complete blast. We did it all.  We will have to slow it down or we will be out of money in a month !  We did all the usual touristy things such as Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Central Park, Time Square, and several museums. The museums in NY are amazing, even the kids were impressed . Funny story of the week in NY was Jessica wanted to buy a brand name knock off purse from the street vendors. At night,the vendors carry a large portable bag full of purses and spread them out on the street near Time Square. Jessica was doing her best to negotiate a fair price for a Channel copy purse, when all of a sudden all the vendors on the street freak out and began to run ! We are talking a dozen guys with these huge bags running right at us. We were left standing there with all these purses and no vendor. I thought someone had a gun or something because these guys were really moving. Poor Drew’s eyes were as big as golf balls, as he was nearly stampeded. Apparently, it is illegal to sell knock of purses on the streets of NY and the cops raid the vendors periodically. False alarm, no police came, but the vendors did not return, at least while we were there waiting.

Dublin has been charming and very cool. The weather has been great, but it is to change to rain later today for a couple of days. We walked down town yesterday and had an Irish beer and one of the oldest pubs in Dublin. Lyane introduced herself to the guitar player in the bar and requested he play a Pogues song for me and he played one of my favorites. It was great and now off the bucket list. Today we are renting a car and touring the coast for 4 days, then off to Scotland.

We do have lots of pictures, but have not had time for post them. Stay tuned


17 responses to “First Communication !

  1. Glad you made it safely out of the vendors stampede!!! Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. We have 6 walls up and some inside walls as well. Jason and his dad/friends have been working hard trying to get as much done before snow. Have a great time on the coast and Scotland!! Maybe try some surfing???


  2. It was nice to hear what you have been up to lately,Regina weather has been real crappy wet cold ellis and I jumped in the lake once this summer and damn it was cold! You picked a good summer to leave take care and I will keep checking from time to time


  3. OMG…so Jess, how many purses did you take??? LOL. Great story. OH man we are so jealous of you in Ireland, it is a place we can’t WAIT to go visit – so stack up those pics so we can dream when you post them. Good luck family, love you and keep the updates coming, We LOVE to virtual travel!


  4. So good to read the update. I love the story about the purses!!! You will see a lot more of this in Italy and France!!! They do the exact same thing except you can also get sunglasses!! Also you will have to watch for the Asians that do your name in fancy lettering, just don’t look at them or EVER tell them your name because they just start writing it and then expect you to pay!!
    Keep the updates coming!!!! and have fun!!


  5. Sounds like fun. This may sound obvious, but when crossing the streets in London and anywhere else in the UK for that matter, look both ways. I came very close to being nailed by a motorcycle right by Big Ben because I looked to the left and saw it was all clear. Forgot for a second that they drive on the other side of the road. I did not forget again for the rest of our family vacation. If you have time, visit Westminster Abbey and St. Pauls Cathedral. Bloody amazing!!!! Oh yes, amazing shopping right by the Oxford Circle tube station. I think that erea is called high street. You’ll love it. Have fun in Ireland.


  6. Good to see that you guys are doing well and are safe. Take care and look forward to reading more.


  7. How fun it sounds already. True NYC Experiences!!! HAHAHAHA The weather in Dublin sounds similar to here. I cannot imagine all the interesting people you will meet in your travels. It will be a true education for everyone. You will LOVE Germany in September. The weather will still be warm and you will see all the amazing colours as Autumn approaches. You’ll be in Munich for October Fest which is an experience all its own. Looking forward to future posts….AufWiedesehn!


  8. Liz & Grant Cooper

    Hi Darren and Lyane,

    Brilliant stuff, I love the purse story. Darren only 346 days to go…hang in there! Grant’s message to you is “Pogue Mahone”. He won’t tell me what it means but has challenged you to find out. He wants you to find the roughest bar in Ireland and yell it out….then wait. Weather is crappy here – rain, rain and more rain. JY is doing great so no worries – good pick bud.

    PS: Grant has one final message for you in honor of your favorite band – place a bet on a horse named Bottle of Smoke at twenty f******five to one.

    Cheers guys…


    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Hi Liz,

      I finally got to sit down and respond to some emails. We have really been going really hard. We have to slow it down or we will self destruct !

      We are now in England and have completed NY, Ireland and Scotland. The all were truly great. New info on blog. Pic’s later this week
      Tell Grant, only a “wanker” would tell an Irish man to kiss his ass. Looking forward to seeing you guys some where down the line.
      Darren and Family


  9. Hi Darren & Lyane,

    Brilliant stuff, love the purse story. Darren only 290 days left – hang in there and Grant has a message for you “Pogue Mahone”. He won’t tell me what it means and has challenged you to find out. He wants you to find the roughest bar in Ireland and yell it out…then wait. Weather is crappy here – rain, rain and more rain. JY is doing great so no worries relax – good pick bud.

    PS: One last message from Grant in honor of setting foot in Dublin – Place your bets on a horse named Bottle of Smoke for twenty f****** five to one.

    Lyane…I bet he sang this after a couple didn’t he. Cheers guys…


  10. This is getting interesting.Wow! What a life. Families are getting their children ready for school and yours already have learned a whole bunch of stuff.
    Way to go!


  11. Hi Darren and Lyane,
    As per my email I am testing the site.


  12. New York is fun! It’s a great place for kids. When I was there, I bought knock-off Rolex watches!

    Darrell loved Scotland. I hope you do too!

    Looking forward to pictures!!


  13. Sounds Awesome …….. I’m so happy for you guys and so glad I got to see all of you the day before you left. We will be checking your blog for all the updates ………… and pictures !!!
    Travel Safe & God Bless.

    Lisa xoxo


  14. Hey guys! I’m thinking of you and I’m extremely jealous of your adventures. Keep us all updated with your great stories. I can’t wait to see some pics. Take care and travel safe.
    Love you all!!


  15. Oopps …. Okay, now I know it works!


  16. bettie bali-myrah

    hi!i am a friend of your beautiful mom gloria’leanne’trying to learn “the monster” computer__challenge!!___am computer illiterate—never learnt to type. gloria bound i learn—your trip my incentive. at local library, holdfast, sk. -beginning my journey with your family on your trip. gloria gave permission to use her e mail address. she was proud of me when i phoned last-nite. i tried to send you a message yesterday-rejected because–had no e mail address. librarian soo—!! patient with me. wishing the mcclelland family a merry xmas! bettie b-m.


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