Only 6 days left

I know that everyone is tired of looking at the same post so I decided to give you a little update.  We are now so freaked out about getting everything ready for our year off  that Lyane has now a beautiful cold sore on her upper lip and hives all over her body from stress!! Beautiful she will look in NYC!!  Any how things are getting done slowly and if we did not have a chance to say Good Bye, we will keep in touch probably better by email when we’re on the road.  Remember our plane leaves August 11 at 6:00 am for NYC   and leaving NYC on August 16 to Dublin and I have a strong feeling that things should be a little more relax as we have very little planned in Europe, which will give us a chance to do a better job at our travel journal with pictures and all.  If you have any advice to give us on any of these places we will


11 responses to “Only 6 days left

  1. must have been Darren writing this last blog. Lyanne,slam some aspirin ground up on the cold sore.


  2. Was so glad I had a chance to see all of you the day before your departure. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures around the world & will definitely be checking in on your blog. Travel safe & God Bless !!

    Lisa xoxo


  3. Kent & Della Rogers

    Hey guys,,,we missed you to say have a great trip,,called this am,,,but alas you were already on the plane. Anyway, we will be following you closely,,,we will be waiting for updates anxiously. When you get back,,,I will make Drew up some of my hotwings. Have fun and be safe.



    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Hi Kent,

      How is it going ?

      I just figured out that this blog email response is not as easy as just responding. I think I got er now. Please response so i know if it is working now.
      Buddy you would love Ireland and Scotland. Even NY was a blast.

      Send money !!!! Fricken getten killed !!!

      Darren and family


  4. Kent & Della Rogers

    Hi guys and gals,,,sorry we missed you to say have a great trip,,,, Della and I will be watching for updates etc. tell Drew and Jessica when you get back I will make them up a huge plate of my BBQ hot wings. Try to relax and remove the stress—ENJOY every moment of this wonderful adventure you are on. Cant wait for blogs/updates/pictures
    see ya


  5. Happy continent hopping!!

    Do get a photo of yourselves with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square when your in NYC. If you get up early enough you can go to the taping of the Today Show at Rockerfeller Plaza, I’ll be looking for you holding a sign “Hello to all my CPC friends and collegues” on the sidelines. Try to avoid rush hour traffic if possible as it’s slower then the US Postal Service or slower then a turtle’s pace to get anywhere.


  6. Hello McClellands!
    So sorry I never got that stuff to you, but I am sure I find you some websites that will work just as well, so email me if you need some Lyanne.
    Hopefully we will soon hear what it is like in New York. I have always wanted to go!!!


  7. Well this is it then the beginning of the adventure, cant wait to see you all at the end of the month and also follow your journey with you, travel well , be safe and enjoy. xx


  8. Have a fantastic trip! I look forward to the future blog entries of your adventures!
    Travel safe.
    …Kelly, Art, Kiana and Austin


  9. So how is New York so far? Our trip to Europe was great this summer. When you are in Paris, go to the catacombs. Best walking tour we have done in a while.


  10. Nice touch on the stress discussion and discription. It will cut down on the conversation on the plane with Lyane.


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