About 45 Days left

This is almost the end of another school year and like every year, June is always a little chaotic, especially this year.  As you probably all know we are planning a trip around the world and it takes a tiny bit of planning and organizing.  This is the start of our family blog and this is where you will be able to keep track of our  whereabouts  in the world.  I hope you keep in touch by either commenting on the blog or emailing us.  I am certain that we will be a little home sick, we will need you to keep us posted on what’s happening here while we are gone.  If you know me well,  you know that I have problems saying Good Bye, I am a bit of a suck like Darren would say, so this is not a good bye but only a See You Later!!



11 responses to “About 45 Days left

  1. So long… enjoy your trip and may God keep an eye on each of you.


  2. madeleine o'connor

    hi Mme. McClelland

    just knowing that you wont be here next year is really sad,but touring around the world is going to be amazing for you and your family

    all the best from your best student and #1 fan


  3. Kjersten Hordern

    Hi Lyane and family! I have found your blog and have it bookmarked. I look forward to reading about your many adventures over the next year! Take care, and good luck getting ready to go!


  4. You guys rock! I wish I had the guts to do what you are doing!! We wish you God’s speed and safety on your adventure. And will be excited to follow you over the world wide web in the next year.

    Shelley, Darrell and Jason


    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Hi Shelly,

      Thanks for the great wishes!! we are leaving in 12 days and we still have a few things to do, maybe we will have time to get together before we leave, otherwise we’ll phone ya

      Love the McClellands


  5. We LOVE all of you SO much and can not wait to see you in New Zealand…Happy Trails guys and happy birthday Drew (cause I know yours is first in New York – woohoo)….hugs and kisses to all…

    Love the Carpenters (your other family)


    • mcclellandfamilyof4

      Hi Leanne,

      We Love you too and can’t wait to see you in New Zealand. We are getting excited, we are leaving in 12 days!!! Yikes!!

      Love The McClellands


  6. The Burgess family

    Hi guys!
    Wow the website looks great! Now that we are back to the humdrum real world, we can live vicariously through your adventures! It was so great to see you this summer. Take good care,
    Ken, Jen, Lexi, and Liam


  7. Hi Lyane,
    I knew you would do it. Ellen just told me about your website. I am going to backtrack and read about your trip so far and continue with your update. J’ai voyagé un peu cette année aussi. Je suis allée à Sherbrooke pour observer Julia dans les compétitions du Legionnat National. Notre famille est allée à Charletown, Ile du P-E au mois de juillet pour 9 jours et une compétition d’athlétisme (Juniors Nationaux pour Julia et Craig). Ensuite, Julia et moi, sommes retournées à Charletown pour voir Craig dans les Jeux D’Eté (Canada Summer Games) dans le course de 100m. Nous avons aussi glissé un petit voyage à Bismarck, aux Etats-Unis pour nous acheté les vêtements pour la rentrée. Maintenant je suis contente d’être de retour chez moi et si je suis tentée de voyager je peux eprouver la sensation à travers vos expériences. J’adore ma nouvelle école, Henry Braun avec la 5/6e année. A la prochaine, Cindy White


  8. Hi Lyane it was great visiting your site and seeing where you have been so far, I miss your laughter at school and our inside joking around. Take care and may you have a safe and healthy journey!


  9. Howdy Neighbors

    Great to see y0ur having a good time and seeing a lot of exiting and interesting places.

    Enjoy your blogs and pictures.

    Its been pretty quiet around your house. Have not seen or met your tenant since he moved in.

    Seen a truck load of appliances and furniture moving out the front door. You must have sold everything————-JUST KIDDING.

    Keeping an eye out.

    Keith & Brenda


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